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Objectives of the Mona Institute of Applied Sciences

Overall Objectives

  • To undertake, sponsor and promote research in the pure and applied sciences.
  • To promote and develop the introduction and demonstration of innovative or alternative technologies, processes or products that are deemed to have potential for providing increased employment and increased foreign exchange earnings or savings within the private sector of Jamaica and the Caribbean. Priority will be placed on those technologies that will maximise utilisation of local human and physical resources.
  • To assist clients in identifying sources of finance to commercialise those technologies processes or products that have been deemed viable.
  • To undertake and promote research in the pure and applied sciences especially in areas deemed to have industrial applications with a view to increasing the availability of such knowledge and to benefit of the public generally.
  • To promote the education of persons in all activities of learning, particularly in the pure and applied sciences.
  • To ensure that the intellectual property rights of the Institute and its associates are protected.

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