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If you are allowed to enter the campus via Main gate (i.e. onto Queen's Way):

  • Turn onto the Ring Rd. The Ring Rd. is a one way road. It's the first instersection you will meet on Queen's Way.
  • Continue on the Ring Rd. until you pass the Department of Geology
  • You should have driven over three (3) sleeping policemen after passing the Dep. of Geology
  • The next legitimate left turn is onto Nassau Rd.
  • Turn onto Nassau Rd.
  • Continue until you reach the bend by Maintenance
  • Continue driving around the bend and onto Belmopan Close

When you are onto Belmopan Close:

  • We are on the right, after CARDI
  • Observe the sign :


  • As shown in the picture at the bottom left of this page labeled, the office is in a peach and cream colour.

Telephone: (876) 970-2021 or 970-2042
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