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If you do not have the privilege of entering through the Main Gate onto the campus - that is if you do not have a sticker with a P on it - you will have to find the Ring Rd. by entering through the Post Office Gate.

The following directions are based on the assumption that you are coming from Liguanea and you are on Mona Rd. The Post Office Gate is at the next left turn after you pass the Main Gate.

When you enter through the Post Office Gate, ensure that you receive an Exit Pass from the Campus Security on duty - keep this with you, DO NOT LOOSE IT and DO NOT LEAVE IT IN YOUR VEHICLE.

Take the first legitimate left turn onto Gibraltar Hall Rd.

Continue until you have come to the end of Gibraltar Hall Rd.

Observe the stop sign at the end of Gibraltar Hall Rd. and also take note that the Ring Rd. is a one way. WARNING! There are sabre-tooth spikes set up by some of the sleeping policemen on the Ring Rd., failure to observe the one way will result in instantly punctured tires.

In order to find the route to the office of MIAS (Mona Institute of Applied Sciences), go across the intersection at the Ring Rd.and Queen's Way.

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