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Post Graduate Diploma in IT

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The MSc Computer Science programme provides graduates from a Computer Science or related field with a broader knowledge of the discipline and develops a range of skills that are highly sought after by employers. Participants will be taught some of the more modern developments within the field and a more in-depth knowledge of one specialized area within the subject.

It is an excellent basis for a successful international career in the field of computer sciences. The programme allows you to specialise in the two most important areas of computer science today:

  1. Software Development
  2. Artificial Intelligence

Or a student may choose to do a mix of both areas, allowing for a unique MSc programme that reflects their interests and that adequately prepares him for the thesis project in the second year of the MSc programme.

What does our Course cover?

Our MSc course provides an advanced study of selected key topics of current and future commercial relevance. Further details can be found later in the prospectus.

Please note that Computer Science should not be confused with Information Technology (IT). The term ‘IT’ describes the use of computer technology where as Computer Science describes its development. For example, an IT course might teach you how to use commercial software applications and how to manage a computer network, whereas a Computer Science course would teach you how to develop such applications and how networks work.

Entry requirements:

Entry into the programme is open to all persons with an honours degree with a major in Computer Science from The University of the West Indies, or a recognised institution (as determined by the School for Graduate Studies & Research [SGSR]). Students are expected to have completed courses in Information Structures & Algorithms, Discrete Mathematics and Operating Systems or equivalent courses.

Employment Prospects

Having completed this, MSc participants can engage in the development of computer technology, applications unique in industry or in a research career, either in the industrial or academic sector.
Many graduates may choose to pursue a technical career and find employment as programmers in software development companies. Others may be employed to banks and other financial institutions as cryptologists (encryption specialists). Still others may become systems analysts or consultants and interface between technicians and clients. There are also increasing opportunities for computer scientists in the public sector: in hospitals and health authorities, the police force and government agencies as digital librarians and security experts just to name a few.

In addition, there are openings in education, in both teaching and research. The solid base this course provides can lead to PhD programmes. Many graduates have followed this path, and now have successful careers in universities or within industrial research divisions.


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