Programme Structure

Semester 1
CS41Q – Computer Architecture
CS42M – Discrete Mathematics
CS41A - Introduction to Computer Programming

Semester 2:
CS43Q – Operating Systems & Networks
CS42A – Data Structures

Semester 3:

Diploma Electives
CS43A - Algorithms & Analysis
CS46S - Graphics & Multimedia
CS44A - C Programming & Unix
CS44Q - Internet Computing


Mark Scheme

For taught courses, students will be expected to pass both the final examination and the coursework.
The Graduate Marking Scheme for The University of the West Indies is:

70 –100%

Compulsory Courses

CS41Q – Computer Architecture
A study of the hardware components of modern microcomputers and their organization. Evaluation and comparison of the various microcomputer systems.

CS42M – Discrete Mathematics
The discrete mathematical structures, including Boolean algebra, numbers, sets, and graphs.

CS41A – Introduction to Computer Programming
A first course in computer programming, examining in the syntax and semantics of a chosen programming language, including object oriented programming techniques.

CS43Q – Operating Systems & Networks
Introduction to fundamental concepts of operating systems and their implementation in UNIX, Windows. Principles of computer network design, operation and management.

CS40A – Data Structures
Data structures used in computer programming to represent domain objects and activities. Algorithms for manipulating the data structures. Advanced object oriented programming techniques to implement the algorithms.


CS43A - Algorithms & Analysis
Design of efficient data structures and algorithms. Analysis of algorithms and asymptotic time complexity. Graph, string, and geometric algorithms.

CS46S – Graphics & Multimedia
Pre-requisites: CS42M - Discrete Mathematics, CS42A - Data Structures.
Description: A first course in algorithms and techniques for image generation. Geometric transformations, algorithms for hidden surfaces and ray tracing. Programming with standard a graphics interface. The planning and creation of interactive multimedia presentations, developing a conceptual and practical understanding of the components of media and their production.

CS44A - C Programming & Unix
Pre-requisites: CS41Q - Computer Architecture, CS42A - Data Structure.
Description: Programming in the C language in a UNIX environment. The syntax and semantics of the C language, with emphasis on features that make C effective for applications. Study of some code libraries available to C programming. The user of environment of UNIX, it's file system call interface, including internet programming.

CS44Q– Internet Computing
Pre-requisite: CS43Q - Operating Systems & Networks
Description: Principles and practices used in creating interactive internet sites, using dynamic HTML, javascript, and the Common Gateway Interface. Effective use of search tools. Java Database Connectivity, swing, applets, and servlets. Principles and practices used in connecting web sites to back-end databases with Active Server Pages, PHP: Hypertext Preprocessor, JavaScript, Java Servlets, and Java Server Pages. Internet programming with Python or Perl.